We hired Jeff to gain a fresh perspective on how best to sell our products in our market place. We felt that he would bring a unique approach to moving buyers to closing deals. His experience working in an industry where buyers don’t have to buy, but can opt to build their own solutions instead, helped to make us more aggressive in driving to close sales. Jeff also developed a communications strategy for our sales teams to move sales cycles faster. He created a sales forecasting methodology model to ensure greater transparency and confidence in forecasted revenues, as well. I intend to reach back to Jeff in time to continue to innovate our sales execution processes.

Stan Miller: Rosco Chairman

Jeff Hoffman offers a rare ability to combine intuitive thought leadership and sales execution. This makes him extremely unique when it comes to fixing problems related to achieving revenue quickly. I’ve seen him build strategies to enter new markets, restructure failed sales plans and coach under-performing sales representatives to greatness.

Bill Roberts: IBM Executive

Jeff is a very bright and enthusiastic executive who has evolved his skill set tremendously over the years. His experience having run sales for software vendors going through difficult changes made him a natural choice when I was tasked with helping a vendor build a smart and repeatable program for success. He understands all the angles; sales, how to build a shared platform with transparent organizational communication and the compelling attributes necessary to support a sales organization.

Jorge Reyes: Senior Business Consultant/Project Manager at HSBC

I've known Jeff since his days at FinArch, where his skill set helped me make informed decisions when I was the Chief Accounting Officer at Nomura Securities. Hence , I knew he could help with some of current challenges that needed to be addressed in my current position. Jeff added significant value and wisdom regarding necessary insight we needed to gain for a client of ours. His insight on Change Management, Coaching people and Leading Teams has assisted us in making the right moves regarding an engagement with a financial client.

Robert McCabe, CPA: Principal at Solomon Edwards - Senior Finance and Accounting Executive

I reported to Jeff while at ITRS, and during our time together he demonstrated exceptional leadership skills. He stays calm under pressure and provides thoughtful, strategic input that has significantly helped me drive deals. There is no ego with Jeff. He simply wants his team to win and instills a transparent atmosphere, with positive energy.

Ralph Ateniese: Regional Sales Executive at Concur

Jeff is an astute sales professional and a tremendous asset for the enterprise engagement team. He's strategic, goal-oriented, well spoken and he makes certain the strengths and weaknesses of every engagement are known, measured and played to appropriately. Jeff has an unwavering eye on the ultimate of partnership yet he offers the wisdom of knowing when to pull back as well as the ability to drive the process forward. As a member of Jeff's team I've always benefited as he ensures his team is well prepared and properly supported.

Jack Sylvestre: Vice President of Sales, North America at SunGard AvantGard

If you want someone to lead your solution sales team initiatives into Financial Services, then Jeff is your man. Jeff has lots of deal-making and leadership experience, energy and enthusiasm coupled with industry knowledge and a great sense of humor.

Mike Hendy: Vice President, SimCorp Coric

I worked with Jeff as he put together a North America market sales strategy, he is relentless in his pursuit of success and posseses great drive, a natural born sales leader, he could sell mussels to Brussels.

Paul Paradise: Banking Consultant and Contractor

From my experience working with Jeff, he has his teams organized and focused on the deals at hand, making sure no stone is left unturned to ensure proper deal closure. He places demands but ultimately is team leader who cares about the people he manages and works with and gets the job done. If given the opportunity, I would work with Jeff anywhere.

Frank Orchard: VP of Business Development SunGard

I highly endorse Jeff as a leader. While I learned a lot about selling from Jeff, he possesses skills which should take him all the way up to executive management and running companies. He’s certainly a great mentor and coach, but what really impressed me about Jeff is his unwavering support for me as a person. He’s a leader because he cares about his people and will protect them and fight for what is right as well as ensuring his demands get met.

John Forster: Senior Director at The Receivables Exchange in association with the NYSE

Having worked for Jeff Hoffman the past two years, I can tell you that he demonstrates excellent leadership. Jeff supports and motivates his sales team, instills a strong sense of trust, while maintaining a level of demand for excellence. Jeff is a real mentor and coach and knows how to get the most out of his team. He treats everyone with respect and loyalty, while staying focused on his team members results.

Andrew Hazen: Regional Director, Corporates