• Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms; Pre-Investment Due-Diligence and Post Investment Top-line Revenue Performance / Improvement for respective portfolio held companies
  • Foreign Companies seeking presence in North America
  • Startups, medium size companies and mature companies in all industry segments
  • Assess: The first step is to look for weak links in 4 key areas of a company; Market Positioning, Revenue Growth Strategy, Sales Process and Deal Execution. This requires time spent with the C-suite, managers and sales people but will absolutely NOT deter from their day to day responsibilities. A report is then put together and reviewed with a company’s executive team.
  • Create, Change and/or Add:
    1. RSR delivers a knowledge based algorithm called “Sales Messaging Impact” to ensure the company offering is well positioned to the market and that sales teams can articulate the value.
    2. RSR provides applicable knowledge awareness components to be used when creating go-to-market revenue growth plans.
    3. RSR delivers a “Sales Process” based on three variables; Forecast Model, 6 staged events and a close plan analysis document to ensure the sales-force is working on qualified deals and knows how to drive them to deal execution. RSR will also make recommendations and work with the company’s CRM manager to customize an existing CRM system to create a more fluid and transparent environment.
    4. RSR delivers a Communications Strategy called “Complex Insight” using behavioral actions to uncover necessary information in face-to- face meetings, email communications and phone discussions. It’s the complex insight data (information) that will allow sales teams to qualify and execute deals.
  • Coach & Assist: RSR will train, coach and mentor sales teams on the changes and additions put in place as well as assist companies with revenue generation.