Complex Insight: What really increases your growth year over year!

By Jeff | Aug 10, 2015

Aside from the perennial “blue bird” deals, those clean deals handed down from God, most of us have to work hard to sell. I believe strongly, after being in sales for what is close to 25 years, that only 10% of revenue generated stems from knowing what you sell. The other 90% comes from complex insight, which I refer to as “effecting behavior to trigger fast response” from potential buyers........

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Checkmate: Product matters but Process Counts!

By Jeff | Jun 26, 2015

When I was a young boy, I was schooled in a progressive program where kids could do whatever they so desired (within reason-of course). I became enamored with playing chess instead of working on my math tables. By third grade, I was a pretty darn good chess player......

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Igniting Rapid Revenue Growth: 4 Steps to the Holy Grail!

By Jeff | Ari 21, 2015

Most software vendors revenue expectations soar far beyond the reasonable. CEO's are put under great pressure to perform by investors and board members. While the challenge to increase revenue has changed over the years, the premise is basically the same; Qualify, Drive and Execute.......

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Capturing Business on US Soil: Foreign Vendors’ 5 step program

By Jeff | Mar 05, 2015

It’s hard enough trying to sell to companies who don’t have to buy, even harder to put a foreign software company on the map in North America. Enterprise- Software- Sales is about creating vision and, once a customer is sold on it, a consultative selling cycle runs its course. The real challenge vendors face is selling to companies that feel they can build comparable solutions, in-house.........

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Sales and the Educated Buyer: T to the Power of 3

By Jeff | Fab 13, 2015

The higher the stakes when making a purchase, the more stakeholders are involved to try to lessen the risk. Compounding the mix, buyer due diligence has transpired and you haven’t even begun to have a conversation to qualify a lead......

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Sales Success: 4 Easy Ways to Dominate

By Jeff | Jan 20, 2015

The sales game has changed! Enterprise software companies that are not creating an organizational structure which aligns the necessary culture, plan and components for sales representatives to execute efficiently, are facing an uphill climb.......

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