Market Position
Revenue Growth Strategy
Sales Process
Deal Execution

Market Position: RSR developed an algorithm called Sales Messaging Impact to evaluate how your company’s offerings are positioned in the market. Is there a value proposition? Does it resonate with buyers? Our algorithm allows us to discern why anyone would buy what you are selling, buy it from you and buy it now. This exercise gives your sales team a powerful pitch with compelling impact.

Revenue Growth Strategy: RSR customizes winning revenue growth go-to- market strategies for companies by evaluating your current war chest and making sure the following components are part of the executive process:

  • Direct and Indirect Revenue Stream attainment
  • Structuring Partnerships
  • Territory Alignment
  • Pricing Programs Sales Representatives can easily explain to customers
  • Margin Analysis
  • Hiring Criteria
  • Sales plans that represent goal attainment and incent sales teams
  • Operational Integration; getting all support departments on board with roles and responsibilities

Sales Process: RSR has identified and developed three variables to ensure your CRM system represents qualified deals that are accurately forecasted. These variables, fully exploited by using our integrated approach, turn your CRM system into a transparent performance management tool:

  1. Forecast Model; produces deal reality in dependable forecasted timelines
  2. Six Staged Events; accurately determines where deals sit in the pipeline
  3. Close Plan Analysis; keeps sales reps on track with correct next steps to drive and win deals

Deal Execution: RSR developed a communications strategy called Complex Insight. Predicated on behavioral actions, it increases certainty in the process of qualifying, driving and closing deals. Behavioral actions are calculated statements and questions that invoke necessary responses at critical stages in a deal. They are used in all business communications including face to face meetings, email and telephone conversations.