Rapid Sales Revenue LLC (RSR) is a Sales Advisory Firm working with CEO’s, their Executive Leaders and Sales Teams to generate top-line revenue. We operate as a Chief Revenue Officer analyzing an organization’s market position, revenue growth go-to-market strategy, sales process and deal execution. Our experience was launched over 20 years ago in the information technology and enterprise software sector, which remains a core focus. However, RSR works with companies in all industries.

RSR is a hands-on firm that goes beyond advisory and continues to assist, providing customized offerings consisting of algorithms and behavior communications. The RSR offerings act as a dependable platform, guiding you through steps you need to sell consistently. These steps include targeted market value propositions, a check box of items to build go-to-market strategies that put you in better position for revenue generation, a transparent sales process with checks and balances and the communications insight to execute deals.

We work directly with CEO’s, their executive leaders and sales teams on revenue generation, but it’s the Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms who often become our customers because Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms are increasingly the stakeholders with controlling interests once these companies are held in their respective portfolios.

RSR’s value to these Private Equity and Venture Capital Investors is that our offerings represent additional due diligence levers for pre-investment purposes as well as post investment levers to ensure top-line revenue and EBITDA performance.

Jeff Hoffman

Chief Revenue Officer & Founding Member, RSR LLC